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Michael LeBlanc
Founder & Principal, M.E. LeBlanc & Company

RCC's "Fast Five" Thought Leadership Series

Turnkey, Precise, & Personalized - Flyers for the Digital Age
There are two basic truths in physical retail - you need shopper traffic to drive sales, and you do not have the time to develop advanced digital prowess. This has driven a knock-on effect, making most retail products invisible online for local shoppers. In this session, Zeze Peters shares how retailers are offering in-store experiences on flyers and how they reach the local shoppers on-demand.


Zeze Peters
CEO / Founder, Beam City

Printed Flyers in A Digital World

Mobile has changed the game for retailers. Consumers are attached to their phones, and even traditional websites are becoming an increasingly less viable communication tool. However, today many retailers are still finding success in the most traditional advertising tool of all : printed flyers and catalogues. In this session, top mass merchant and hardware stores come together to talk about the state of print advertising today, how they are still seeing success with this format, and what new tools are being used to keep printed flyers relevant


Riina Clydesdale
Vice President, Client Services, Novus Media


Paul Cronin
Director of Consumer Promotions and Insights, Home Hardware Stores Ltd.


Sarah Dennie
Director, Category Marketing, Walmart Canada


Richard Hill
Director of Marketing, Lowe's Companies Canada


Frederick Lecoq
Vice President of Marketing and eCommerce, Golf Town

Case Study
Location Data: Powering Smarter Flyer Decisions

Retailers today are delivering flyers more effectively than ever before. Instead of distributing large volumes, retailers are being more strategic, finding ways to get flyers in the hands of the right consumers. In this session, Celeste Normington from Pelmorex Corp will take the audience through a retail case study, showcasing how location data can help drive insights for retailers and their flyer strategy.


Celeste Normington
Head of Data Sales and Product Strategy, Pelmorex Data Solutions

Networking Break

Grocery: The Leaders Of Flyer Innovation

Top grocery marketers and retailers come together to talk about the weekly flyer, and why it is such a valuable advertising tool for grocers. Several years after the demise of the print flyer was predicted, grocery retailers continue to invest in the weekly flyer as an effective tool to tell their weekly story and drive store trips. Whether in print or increasingly in digital the weekly story continues to be critical to reach their ever-evolving consumer.

The panel will discuss design, distribution, consumer demand and other innovations that are keeping the flyer relevant in today’s digital-first world.


Michael LeBlanc
Founder & Principal, M.E. LeBlanc & Company


Trinh Tham
Vice President, Integrated Marketing , Sobeys Inc.


Sean Martin
Vice President, Business Development, Flipp


Patrick Cadieux
Marketing Director, M&M Food Market


Brian Rohaly
Marketing Manager, Circle K

RCC "Fast Five" Thought Leadership Series

Beyond Your Traditional Flyer Channel

How do you reach customers who don't routinely check their mailboxes or emails? Discover how merchants can get their flyers into the hands of consumers using timely and personalized communications. James Elenakis shares how companies have effectively built a list of subscribers, send instant messages that are opened and read within seconds, and result in stronger and lasting relationships with consumers.


James Elenakis
President & Co-Founder, Raange

The Future of Search & Discovery

The traditional flyer has always appealed to the most basic consumer instincts. Consumers love the feeling of looking for and finding a great product, great deal, or both. Now, the very basic concept of search and discovery has changed, and consumers have a variety of different platforms to choose from when they want to hunt for a great deal. In some cases, technology has enabled retailers to send product suggestions to consumers before they even begin the search. In this session, new innovators in the search and discovery space discuss what is next for the consumer, and new technologies that are changing the way people shop.


Steve Buors
CEO and Co-Founder, Reshift Media


Chris Chan
Brand Lead, Fashion and Apparel, Google Canada


Tobiasz Dankiewicz
Co-Founder, reebee


Sam Galanis
Industry Manager, Retail and Restaurant, Facebook Canada


Anthony Stevenson
International New Business Director, Eagle Eye

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